The newly-opened Westendorff in Charleston is a stunning restaurant from a visual standpoint. Its interior is constructed largely with salvaged and restored materials like historic signage. The building was once the home of C.W. Westendorff & Sons hardware store, and the interior even reflects that history. The building's owner, Jamie Westendorff, is descended from C.P.L. Westendorff, who emigrated to Charleston in 1800 and sired seven generations of Charleston merchants and philanthropists. The Westendorff specializes in elevated comfort food dishes. The prices are reasonable with a delicious burger costing $12 and featuring a pickle aioli and specially-ordered buns from a local bakery. The fries on the side are also dangerously addictive. Chef Ted Jackson has long been an advocate of the "slow food" movement, which champions anti-processed, farm-to-table eats. His summer tomato salad, for example, is 100 percent locally sourced, as are almost all of his ingredients. The Westendorff will appeal to many Charlestonians, from those looking for a happy hour spot with local beer and great cocktails to couples looking for a nice date. Read the full article here: Vintage Glamour Meets Fresh Flavor at The Westendorff

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