The History of the Golden Bear

There is no more cherished name in the sport of golf than Jack Nicklaus, and there is no brand recognized and respected more in business than Golden Bear.  The genesis of the Golden Bear can be traced to late 1961 when an Australian writer was asked what he thought of a sturdily built, powerful American star-in-the-making by the name of Jack Nicklaus.  His response: "He looks like a big, cuddly golden bear."  Soon after, one of the most revered brands and icons was born, and it remains today a symbol of greatness that transcends the golf world and has earned its rightful place in the business world.

Just like the man for whom the icon is attached, the Golden Bear is associated with excellence, integrity and stands for the highest measure of quality.  Whether the brand is attached to apparel, golf clubs or golf course designs, the consumer knows that the Golden Bear represents the best.  A family man who created a legacy in tournament golf and designed more than 290 courses around the world, Jack proudly passes his brand and endorsement to the individual real estate firm founded and led by his son, Michael.  Golf and real estate have been, at times, synonymous and interchangeable, and individuals who make up NV Realty Group bring years of experience in both arenas.  Yet their knowledge and experience carries over into other real estate markets, catering to the needs of all buyers and sellers.  The only constant is what Golden Bear represents and the philosophy that drives NV Realty Group:  Excellence and Integrity.

Charleston, South Carolina: The Right Choice

“My family loves Charleston and the feel of the Low Country.  My dad has designed many golf courses in this region, and we believe Charleston is the perfect place to expand our luxury real estate business,” says President, Michael Nicklaus.

“The Nicklaus’ put the resources in place that allow us to provide one of the best platforms for real estate professionals to achieve success,” says Regional Vice President, Todd Vance.

Who is NV Realty Group: Who We Are

As a Jack Nicklaus family owned company, NV Realty Group has established itself as one of the premier real estate firms in South Florida.  Currently based in Palm Beach County, Florida, NV Realty Group has offices in North Palm Beach and Worth Avenue on the Island of Palm Beach. 

We are excited about expanding into the Charleston, South Carolina area. We will continue to share our progress as we move forward.

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