One amazing thing about living in Palm Beach County is that the region is chock full of community organizations and neighborly spirit. The Palm Beach Post has a profile of Mandel JCC of the Palm Beaches executive board member Michael Falk that explores his work with Jewish community centers.

For Michael Falk, community organizations like Mandel JCC are vital for creating a center for activity and a welcoming environment for families and people in all ages. They allow young people to be exposed to positive influences to their elders so the next generation of Palm Beach residents will be just as upright and engaged as their forbears.

Like many Palm Beach residents, Falk did not originally come from the region. He was born in Brooklyn, raised in Texas, and lived for years in New Jersey before finally settling down in South Florida. However, like so many other transplants, he has dug deep roots here and gotten invested in the success of Palm Beach’s community. It’s pretty incredible that Palm Beach is able to develop such cohesive neighborly organizations with people who originally hail from all over the country.

Read the full article here: Scene Maker: Palm Beach Gardens’ Michael Falk Being Honored at JCC Gala

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