Broward Stage Door is currently reviving the 1968 Burt Bacharach/Neil Simon musical Promises, Promises. The musical is a period piece set in the 1960s, and Stage Door’s production does everything it can to stay true to the decade. Choreographer Kevin Black keeps the dancing similar to the frenetic go-go-inspired moves of the original production, and the cast are dressed like they walked out of an episode of Mad Men.

Broward Stage Door’s revival of Promises succeeds on the strength of the choreography and on the cast’s mastery of the difficult Burt Bacharach score. If the production struggles at all, it’s with delivering Neil Simon’s punchlines so they hit home. However, some of the actors put in fine and funny performances, especially Ashley Rubin as the bar temptress Marge.

If this Promises is any indication, Broward Stage Door is stepping up its game. It is exciting to see what the company will attempt next.

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