gb-color-25-marshThe entire East Coast of the United States is rich with colonial history, and South Carolina is no exception. Still, when a discovery this spectacular is made people tend to take notice. A team of South Carolina archaeologists recently pulled three cast iron Civil War cannons from Pee Dee River and found them to be in remarkably good shape. Confederate forces dumped the cannons in the river and set the gunboat CSS Pee Dee on fire in 1865 so that it wouldn't fall into Union hands. Archaeologists took a little over an hour to use a front loader's mechanical arm to pluck the weapons out of the riverbed one by one. The heaviest of the cannons weighs a whopping 15,000 pounds. The operation was the culmination of six years' worth of work by the University of South Carolina's Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology. The cannons will be shipped to the same location in North Charleston where the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley is currently undergoing refurbishment. After a two-year restoration process, they will be displayed in the Florence area. Learn more about this fascinating discovery below! Read the full article here: Archaeologists Pluck 3 Civil War Cannons from River Site

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