The new Accomplice Brewery and Ciderworks is staging a soft opening celebration at its tasting room this weekend. Accomplice will be serving beers and hard ciders to eager drinkers in West Palm Beach on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before closing again to prepare for the tasting room’s full opening on November 13.

The idea for Accomplice was born when the two co-founders began dating. Matt Stetson was an avid home brewer, but he found out that his girlfriend Felonice Merriman’s celiac disease prevented her from drinking most of the beers he loved. Stetson became frustrated with the gluten-free beer options on the market, and began developing beer and cider recipes that Merriman could drink. Stetson and Merman soon founded Accomplice Brewing and began selling beers, hard cider, and mead to local restaurant and bars to local restaurants and bars through Brown Distributing.

While Accomplice doesn’t yet distribute any gluten-free beers, it will begin selling them within the next few months, and its ciders and meads are safe for people with celiac disease. Accomplice is the first cider-specialist brewery in the Palm Beach region.

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