More and more homeowners are ripping up their sod and replacing it with artificial turf for a luxurious lawn that is both clean and green. Originally designated for golf courses, synthetic turf has grown tremendously in popularity for residential landscape. The product’s realistic appearance rivals the greenbelt at Augusta National, and its long-term durability handles high traffic from pets, children, and vehicles. Additionally, artificial turf drains 10 times better than natural sod, requires little to no maintenance, needs no sunlight to stay green, and eliminates pesky crabgrass. Though the initial cost to install synthetic turf is expensive, homeowners ultimately save decades of time and money as they no longer waste water with irrigation, spend time fertilizing or mowing, or pay for residential lawn services.

However, not all artificial turf companies are equal. Southwest Greens, a Nicklaus partner, is the premier company for synthetic turf. Established in 2002, the company initially focused on creating a high quality, durable product for athletic fields, playgrounds, and putting greens. Shortly thereafter, the company expanded its reach to golf course installation and design. With endorsements from PGA professionals such as Jack Nicklaus, Sergio Garcia, Vijay Singh, Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Gary Woodland and others, SW Greens is widely known in the golf world for its opulent product and impeccable service. Today, the company remains a stalwart partner with Nicklaus Companies for design and installation of turf golf applications.

President Jim Walton notes that what distinguishes Southwest Greens from its competitors is its depth of experience, dedication to high quality installations, and attention to detail. “We have to operate this way when doing work for the best golfers in the world, and this mantra carries over to all our installations, including turf lawns, bocce courts, mini golf courses, playgrounds, and pet applications. No matter how big or small the project may be, we don’t cut corners or rush through jobs to be the low price guy at the expense of quality. Our reputation speaks for itself in this regard,” Walton explains. In addition to the numerous PGA endorsements, Southwest Greens is also the recipient of several awards and accolades, including several designations from Golf Digest.

Here are some other advantages to consider when deciding whether to say sayonara to sod:

Minimal Maintenance

Webcomic RK Milholland quips, “The grass is always greener once you don’t have to mow the lawn anymore.” With synthetic turf, homeowners can sell their John Deere’s or cancel their expensive lawn service, saving them both time and money. Artificial greens do not require irrigation, which keeps the water bill low, nor does it need toxic fertilizers or pesticides. “For most lawn applications, it’s simply a matter of blowing it off or raking heavy debris like tree branches or palm fronds. For putting greens, athletic fields, bocce or croquet courts, we recommend brushing the turf every six months to get rid of fine debris that may start to settle. We offer a maintenance service for these specific applications,” advises Walton.

Pet Friendly

One of the most common questions about synthetic turf is whether or not pets can potty on it. “The answer is YES!,” exclaims Walton. “The turf is a popular choice for dog owners and even commercial pet places. It doesn’t stain, can be easily rinsed, and treated with beach or other anti-microbial products to sanitize and get rid of odors.” Pets enjoy playing catch on the turf lawn and pet owners appreciate that paws stay clean. Southwest Greens creates its products with sufficient backing and infilling so that it averts an accumulation of moisture, thus protecting it from bacteria and mildew growth. As an added bonus, turf lawns prevent puppies from digging holes in the backyard!

Kid Safe

Not only are Southwest Greens pet-friendly, but they are also ideal for children. Using non-toxic materials, the turf is completely safe for children to run, jump, and play. The materials, which are a combination of polyethylene, nylon, backing substance, and infill, are largely manufactured from recycled materials and offer an even surface area, thus reducing the risk for rolled ankles from hidden holes. Moreover, artificial turf is free of allergens. Children who suffer from allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, contact dermatitis or asthma due to grass allergies are often able to freely bask in the backyard without worrying about runny noses and itchy eyes.

Weather Resistant

Southwest Greens synthetic turf drains significantly better than sod, which alleviates muddy, soggy lawns after storms. “We use an underlying stone base to enhance percolation and protect the lawn,” explains Walton. For coastal areas specifically, the quick drainage allows homeowners to enjoy their lawn shortly after a heavy rain shower. By contrast, natural grass takes much longer to drain and often presents puddles that can last several days.

Similar to natural grass, Southwest Greens is heat resistant, but unlike natural grass, artificial turf does not fade or contain “dead spots” from harsh elements or high traffic areas. The greens are UV stabilized during the production process, which prevents it from discoloring and keeps it viridescent.

Often, sod does not thrive in the shade; therefore, residents are forced to replace the grass each season or make that area of the yard into a mulch or shrubbery bed. However, with artificial turf, the lawn remains soft and green all year long.

Aesthetic Lawn

Perhaps one of Southwest Greens most notable hallmarks is aesthetics. Other companies manufacture artificial turf that looks, well, artificial, but lawns by Southwest Greens rival what one would see at upscale golf courses. “It’s all the beauty, but none of the headache,” Walton notes. “Our lawns look like natural lawns, and its soft texture invites residents to kick off their shoes and go barefoot.” After all, as the old adage goes, “If you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed.” Spend less time pulling weeds and more time walking barefoot on a new, spectacular, synthetic lawn. For a residential price quote or to learn more information about residential lawns, contact Southwest Greens at 866-225-4078. To preview properties for sale with synthetic turf in Florida or South Carolina, contact NV Realty Group at 561-721-2626.

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