The forthcoming Pacific Box & Crate "food court" project won't officially launch until next year, but it's already creating plenty of buzz in the Charleston culinary world. What do you need to know about it? Pacific Box & Crate will be located in a currently abandoned warehouse on King St. If you want to see the renovation plans, you can check them out in the full article, linked below. Designed by architecture firm LS3p, the impressive-looking new space will house software company Boomtown and a yoga studio in addition to Pacific Box & Crate, which is spearheaded by Butcher & Bee owner Michael Shemtov and Jonathan Ory, who recently closed his Chicago-based Bad Wolf Coffee to return to Charleston. Tenants include Chicago-based Fat Rice, which features cuisine inspired by the travels of the colonial Portuguese in Southeast Asia. Expect a lot of curries and wood-grilled meats. Popular Charleston food truck Short Grain may also become a tenant. There will be room for six tenants at a time, and they will cycle in and out more or less as they please. Learn more about this exciting culinary experiment below! Read the full article here: 5 Facts to Know About Butcher & Bee's Upcoming Fancy Food Court

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