While South Florida is often seen as being immune to trends that set the rest of the nation on fire, the region has not been immune to the craft beer bug. Although Palm Beach and Broward counties don’t have as many breweries as famous beer destinations like Vermont and Asheville, they do host a solid lineup of innovative breweries making delicious products.

In the wake of this year’s Great American Beer Festival, the New Times decided to evaluate South Florida’s brewers based on how much they’re keeping up with the latest beer fads. It turns out they’re doing pretty well!

High-quality lager is hot right now, and local breweries have been meeting demand with beers like Funky Buddha’s Vienna Lager and Tequesta’s Lucky Langer and Almond Joy Dark Lager. South Florida brewers have also been doing a great job of incorporating local ingredients into their beers. One especially interesting brew in this category to look out for is Saltwater Brewery’s black current strong ale flavored with local seagrape wood.

If local breweries continue doing such a good job of making beers that keep up with the fast-evolving craft beer market, the region may emerge as a power player on the national beer scene.

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