Babcock Ranch, Florida
is a new town with old charm. Located near Ft. Myers, the 91.000 acre development features 12 distinct neighborhoods, green construction homes and townhomes, two golf courses, a central freshwater lake, numerous bike trails, community swimming pools, and its own solar energy system. The land, whose history dates back to the late 1800s, was formerly known as a fishing and hunting mecca.

Pittsburgh lumber magnate Edward Babcock bought the land in 1915, and his family committed terra firma for agriculture, forestation, and cattle ranching purposes. In 2006, Kitson and Partners purchased the property and promptly designated land for the state of Florida.

Former governor Jeb Bush signed the “Babcock Preservation Act,” which protects 72,000 acres and allows development of 19,000 acres. The Babcock family’s dedication to nature safe-guarding and environmental sustainability remain the crux of the Babcock Ranch development.

Certainly its familial, farmland history, coupled with its modern amenities and progressive technology, colors Babcock Ranch as an idyllic place to permanently call home. For those considering a ranch lifestyle, here are five reasons why the Babcock community is the right choice.

Healthy Habits

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Florida’s endless summer and pleasant weather lend for an active, outdoor lifestyle, and Babcock’s holistic approach to wellness ensures residents feel good from the inside out. Meandering through scrub brush, native flora, and marsh creeks, the 50-mile nature trail is ideal for hiking, biking, and running enthusiasts.

Additionally, the Lee Healthy Life Center features an outdoor, Olympic-size swimming pool, which offers water aerobics and master lap swimming. Inside, the facility boasts a juice bar, basketball court, weight room, yoga studio, and rehabilitation stations.

Physical therapists develop individualized plans for members, and on-site personal trainers create workout plans, establish goals, and ensure proper weight-lifting techniques. Apart from physical exercise and rehabilitation services, Babcock Ranch recognizes the importance of heart-healthy food.

The community garden gives residents fresh herbs, vegetables, and plants, and many restaurants at Founder’s Square boast locally-sourced, farm-to-table food options. The third component of Babcok’s holistic health approach is socialization. he picturesque nature trails and waterway

Environmental Sustainability & Technology

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Not only does Babcock Ranch promote healthier habits, but the community also commits to a healthier planet.

The 440-acre solar panel grid provides power and renewable energy for the entire community, and the town automatically connects with high speed optic fiber Internet. This means, residents do not need their own Internet or WIFI provider; the homes are already constructed with fast speed, fiber services. Moreover, all the homes in Babcoks are built under strict “green guidelines” and are energy efficient.

The commercial district of Babcock also adheres to energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly building guidelines, and the town offers electric shuttles for residents as well as numerous electric charging stations.

Hurricane-Proof Construction

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An important core initiative at Babcock Ranch is storm safety. The development design is equipped to handle Florida’s fierce thunderstorms, tropical climate, and inclement weather. In fact, during Hurricane Ivan (2022), a destructive Category 5 storm that moved directly over Babcock Ranch, the community not only withstood the high winds, but residents did not even lose power.

The very next day, children were back outside playing, businesses were open, and residents rushed to offer assistance to neighboring coastal towns who were not as fortunate. Developer Syd Kitson, who sheltered at his Babcock home during the storm,


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Say goodbye to carlines. At Babcock, bicycles and golf carts are the most popular mode of transportation. Students utilize the wide bike trails to safely transport themselves to and from Babcock Neighborhood School and Babcock High School. Serving grades kindergarten to 8th grade, Babcock Neighborhood School is well-known for its environmental education and project-based assessments.

The school promotes GreenSTEAM education, which centers its core courses around green initiatives, science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, and provides project-based assessments to give students kinesthetic, real-world applications. Babcock High School, established in 2022, continues the same holistic approach and educational initiatives. Students enjoy the project-based learning model, which requires collaboration with peers, critical-thinking, and community partnerships.

Picturesque Scenery

Henry David Thoreau once opined, “We can never have enough nature because nature is not something to have – it is something we are.” Nearly 50 percent of Babcock property is dedicated to nature: greenspaces, parks, greenways, lakes, and wildlife preserves.

Without question, the picturesque scenery and natural landscape create a beautiful backdrop and serene setting for residents. Friends and family gather at Fournder’s Square, which overlooks the expansive lake, and gaze at the starry sky, which somehow seems more vast at the ranch. The quiet, countryside ambiance coupled with the luxurious amenities yield the perfect balance of tranquility and charm.

Homeowners can explore the “tonic of wildness” on the safety of the numerous walking trails, which meander more than 13 miles. Serenity showcases on the idyllic golf courses as well, which meticulously marry nature with fastidious fairways. Here, golfers delight in camaraderie with friends as they tackle the greenways, designed by legendary golfers and architects including Jack Nicklaus and Gordon G. Lewis.

The reasons to move to Babcock Ranch extend well beyond these five highlights. One can not truly grasp the rarity of this development, the closeness of this community, the craftsmanship of the homes, or the wanderlust of property without visiting the ranch. Contact a NV real estate professional today to schedule your personal tour. Home is calling…

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